Tired of being tired.

Having to fight cancer much of my life, my body is breaking down and I am tired all the time. After talking with a few friends this morning about being motivated to eat better and watch our weight, I decided it was time to actually get motivated.

I know eating healthier and exercise will help me gain strength.  My days are likely to have ice cream for lunch and eat dinner out a lot. Tonight I was feeling too lazy to cook. This is a huge problem when you are trying to be healthy. Thank goodness I found organic butternut squash soup in my pantry! I threw in pumpkin and hemp seeds for protein.

Sorry the picture isn’t clear, not only do I need a new phone, but my kitty was trying to sneak a taste! He has no manners.

I’m very aware I have a sugar addiction and always feel the need for something sweet after a meal. I had raspberries and strawberries in my fridge, and thought that would be a better choice than the boxes of Girls Scouts cookies on the table. Instead of reaching for the sugar, because you know… fruit doesn’t have enough sugar for me, I grabbed my organic raw honey instead. Since the honey is solid, I warmed it up a bit so it could be drizzled.

Oooooh, this was sweet perfection! I feel satisfied without the bloated feeling I get after eating.

We will see how long my enthusiasm lasts this time. I lived healthy after my 1st battle and can find that determination again. I must want it already having healthy foods mixed in with all the junk food. Right? 😉

honey info.jpg

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