Mia Bella

My gorgeous daughter surprised me last fall by telling me she was expecting. I didn’t take it well at first because I wanted her to experience so much more in life. I then realized “I” don’t get to make her life choices. Getting pregnant wasn’t a choice, but her accepting it and taking on the responsiblity for it certainly was. Meg has blossomed to be such a loving, selfless mother. I love my new grand baby, Bella Dawn, more than words can describe. My soon to be son-in-law, Anthony stepped up and is an amazing dad. He took a leap of faith and dove straight into a career he always dreamed of having, and has become successful with it.

My kids are my life and the reason I survived so many years with cancer. As they became adults and busy with their own lives I was having trouble finding things to fill mine. Finding my creativity again, along with my growing family, has given me a light to focus on once again.

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