25 Years of Cancer

Today, 25 years ago, I was told I had an aggressive form of breast cancer.
In 1996 there were no PET scans in my area. I didn’t even get a CT scan. Though the process to stop cancer has been slow, there has been progress on finding it, and suppressing it. Unfortuatly, it is a very long road to ending metastatic cancer. I’m one of the very few lucky ones.
Watching friends die has been the hardest part of my journey.
Pay attention to your body. If something feels off, it usually is. Doctors don’t always listen to you. Be your own advocate. Get 2nd and 3rd opinions. You know your body. Take care of yourself. đź’•

But on this day I should be celebrating, my heart is hurting for Bella. She is so sick with Covid. This Delta variant is nasty.
Please be safe out there. Wear a mask. Wash you hands. Get the vaccine.

**no negativity or nasty comments, PLEASE**

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