lack of confidence

The the more I slipped into depression the more my walls went up. I stayed to myself more and more. Lost my confidence, lost friends that didn't understand my self presevation, lost motivation for life in general. I thought I was protecting myself, but came to realize the barricaides were only making things worse. I … Continue reading Walls 

Quieting the noise

chasing life

Do we live the life our mind tells us we want, or do we nourish what our heart and soul needs? My mind wants so many things, but my body doesn't always want to cooperate. Then there is also the financial issues of living with metastatic cancer. I am so grateful for the life I … Continue reading Quieting the noise

Hurricane Irma

So far it looks like the worst of Irma will spare where I am in Florida, but it is only Tuesday, we will know better in a few days. I've been through the hype of hurricanes many times and know these storms are unpredictable. I've also learned not to watch the news because they like … Continue reading Hurricane Irma

Tired of being tired.

Having to fight cancer much of my life, my body is breaking down and I am tired all the time. After talking with a few friends this morning about being motivated to eat better and watch our weight, I decided it was time to actually get motivated. I know eating healthier and exercise will help … Continue reading Tired of being tired.