Open letter

… to my ex narcissistic, pathological lying, pathetic, weak boyfriend,

Thank you for once again protecting someone other than me. You wonder why I’m so mean? You made me this way with your constant lies and betrayals. Don’t ever contact me because I will continue to call you out for who you really are. I know the true you… and that terrifies you. That’s why you run every single time. 

Your games of pity are wearing thin on people. You have shown yourself to many, and are always looking for new victims.

Why do you continue to come back to me? Deep down you know I can help you if we went to your councelor together. You are unable to tell her the truth so you will never get better. Deep down you want help.

You try to bury all the victims of your past away, but they are always there in the back of your mind. You say you have made peace with yourself, but how can that be?

I have over 20 blocked emails and many blocked phone numbers from you, but you keep making more to contact me. Why? Because I no longer allow you to control me? Does that make you crazy? Or is it because when you lie to me I call you out on it? You are then able to use it to get pity sex from new unsuspecting victims… just as you did this week with a young woman you are trying to take advantage of.

Why are you so obsessed with women in their 20’s? You start off calling them your “daughters” then end up trying to fuck them. Does it fulfill some sick hole on your heart for the daughters you abandoned, without ever looking back, who are the same age group?

The people who can’t see through your pathetic act are just blind to it and have some sick need to fill in themselves. You cry on demand, are able to make you face red, and shake with a weird finger clench thing to fake anything from your blood pressure going too high, to fake blacking out, to fake heart issues, to fake strokes. Do you have any medical tests to prove any of it?

Don’t ever contact me again. I will no longer be used and abused. I’ve already told my family and friends if I go missing, to look at you.

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