Bucket List

Living with metastatic cancer for so many years has made me think of things I would love to do before I die. I think I can accomplish a few.

I have been blessed with living within driving distance of Walt Disney World and having the block out passes (cheapest) since my kids were young. We have gone 100’s of times and now I get to experience it through the eyes of my granddaughter. Things have changed and it’s not as magical as it was 20 years ago, but I still love being there. There is a suite in Cinderella’s Castle which costs a fortune and hard to reserve. I can’t afford to eat in the restaurant let alone stay there. This would be classified more as a dream than an actual bucket list item!


This most expensive on my Bucket List would be touring the countryside of Europe. Seeing medieval, fairytale type villages, real castles, the lush green lands and landscapes has been my dream since I was a little girl. The stories of the Tudors of England, and King  Louis XIV of France and the building of  Versailles have always fascinated me. There are mythical legends in areas of Ireland and Scotland of Fairies. Hauntings and incredible history all over Europe that I crave to see, touch and learn. My body seems to be weaker, but I am trying to change my lifestyle and learn to control my Hashimoto’s.  I will take this trip before I die. Winning the lottery would help finance it! Money is definitely another hurdle I have to figure out.


Another trip I may actually be able to do that is on my bucket list is to see the giant Sequoias. They are an absolute wonder of colossal beauty.



One place I really wanted to go before it got so hot here in Florida is visit and camp at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve . They are a non-profit organization helping to bring awareness about these beautiful creatures. You actually get to interact with them. What a dream come true! I am going to have to plan this for next winter. There is no way I can do this in the humid heat of spring/summer/fall of Florida! I ask myself how I live here without a pool all the time. A pool is very much a want for me, but not bucket list. Seacrest is about a 7 hour drive. This is an absolute must do.


I got a taste of snorkeling when I lived in south Florida. A friend had a boat and we went to Key Largo just off the coast of Miami. I was also able to snorkel on the shore of  Kona when my parents took us to Hawaii for their 50th Anniversary. I didn’t spend enough time there and I have regretted it ever since. It was an underwater paradise! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I had just started my second battle with breast cancer at that time. My original bucket list want was to learn to scuba dive. I think now with my many health conditions I will be happy to find a tropical paradise of sea turtles and colorful fish, possibly dolphin and snorkel again. I hear the Keys are good, but a long drive and very expensive to stay. I’m going to have to research this one since Hawaii is out of my budget to go back.


Something else of my bucket list only I can do is make a difference. I’ve helped and taken in young people who needed guidance or a place to stay when there was trouble at home, counseled women with breast cancer, volunteered at schools and in classrooms, taught vacation bible school, and I make images with positive messages in attempt to inspire. I feel as if I have survived when I was told I wouldn’t because there is something I am supposed to do. I will figure it out. I know I just need to quiet my mind and listen. Fear holds me back and is a daily struggle. I am getting stronger every day because LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

life is beautiful_GBV

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