Empowering Women

Women are beautiful strong creatures, but so many feel inadequate and lack self confidence. We are powerful warriors, and yet we allow ourselves to be controlled. We tear each other down instead of lifting each other up. Take control of your life and find your power. Together we are a Sisterhood and a Tribe. Together we can find encouragement, bring light into each others lives, and help each and every one of us to know we are beautiful.

We have sisters who are hurting, abused, alone, sick and so many sucked into the horrendous world of Human Trafficking. You never know what another is going through but we can watch out for each other. I’ve found some beautiful Sisterhood groups on Facebook and every day I feel encouraged reading posts. Instead of jealousy and gossip with your friends, coworkers, classmates or other women in general, try positive words.  I hope you, my beautiful life sisters, like and share my art.

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