My Poem

I’m working on writing my story, but until then I found things in my old journals I’ll share. This one is dark. When dealing with cancer you have dark days and dark thoughts no matter how positive you try to keep your thoughts. That’s ok. Cancer is a dark and ugly disease. Some will try and shame you for getting down. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to feel. It’s not good to stay in that dark place though. Your body needs positive vibes for healing energy.

This poem is the dark side of my battle with cancer.

Bright days turned to darkness
Dreams unfulfilled
Slicing my beauty
Taking my soul
Poison running through 
Making me weak
Scanning, cutting, burning
Hiding the pain
Taking me piece by piece
It never ends

Gia Bennett

Copyright ©2007 Gia Bennett

*As a side note, my battle is with metastatic breast cancer. Cancer does end with good results for so many. Unfortunately, my battle is forever.

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