Playing it safe

With so much controversy surrounding Covid-19, I am choosing to play it safe. Being immune compromised it only make sense. I don’t understand people screaming about wearing masks. It’s not just for yourself, it’s also to protect people like me.

Though it makes me sad that I had to cancel vacations to Orlando, Italy, and Hilton Head Island, I’d rather be safe! I try to video chat with family often, and will continue to do so no matter how much it breaks my heart to see less of them. My parents are elderly and my sister is also high risk.

I’ve been struggling with depression. I am a homebody and like to keep to myself, but having to do so for safety has made it hard. I know many if you are dealing with the same thing. All I can offer for advice is keep busy. I go out in my yard just for fresh air. I went to a garden center and brought flowers to brighten things up. I have set projects in my house. There are days that I wake up and don’t want to do anything. That’s ok! I went a whole week napping and mostly doing nothing. I was a bit upset with myself, then thought… why? Apparently I needed it. I’m feeling better and slowly getting my projects back on track.

Hopefully we will see an end to all of this very soon and can get on with our lives. I still have trips planned with family from July on to the end of the year I’m hoping I can make those. My Vegas trip I’m feeling a bit iffy about, but have until September to see how things go. The others are beach trips which shouldn’t be too bad.

Everyone’s please stay safe and use good judgment. Love to all.

Gia at chemo

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