Do you remember this from years back? It was on everything and we even had rubber bracelets to remind us, “What would Jesus do?”

Today a friend posted this and no one seems to get it.

I have left churches, and formed religions behind because man has corrupted them. Christianity and religion can be seperate. Government and Christianity should absolutely be separate, but aren’t.  I am Christian. I believe Jesus’s teachings and feel so many have been brainwashed by things so wrong which has infiltrated our government and churches. If you have a good church, you are lucky. Megachurches are the worst of them all. A servant of God should not be mega wealthy.

Would Jesus carry a gun? Would he support an immoral leader? Would he support this leader because it served their political agenda? Do you have a right to tell another human how to live or what to do with their body? Would Jesus threaten lives of those who didn’t follow his beliefs? Would he condemn the poor sick and hungry because he didn’t want to share the money that he worked for, when they didn’t have the same opportunity.

If you believe God created man, then he created all humans. He has asked us to love and help each other. White, black, brown, tan, red and yellow, we are all the same no matter the differences in our beliefs.

If you believe God created our planet, then you should respect it. He has provided us with everything we need within nature to survive and thrive. We are destroying our natural resources at an alarming rate. We are greedy and wasteful. So many turning their backs on big business profiling from the destruction. Our President is signing over protected lands by the millions of acres.

As Christians we need to go back to that simple question, “WWJD?”

For my Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Muslim (and many more) and non- Christian friends, this is my motto:

Birth place: Earth Race: Human Politics: Freedom Religion: Love

Also this…

Believe there is good in the world. Bethe good.

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